The Jisc Next Generation Digital Learning Environments Report

In the last academic year Jisc initiated a discussion on the next generation of Digital Learning Environments (I posted a response at the time). I have found the contributions to this discussion fascinating, and I was delighted to be invited to make a contribution to the report by Lawrie Phipps, Rob Allen and Dave Hartland, which was recently launched at Digifest 18.

The report also includes some very excellent thoughts from an estimable group of learning technologists and academics, alongside whom it is a privilege to be able to spout my ramblings. The report itself is organised around seven themes – one of which is, pleasingly, titled ‘From Institutional to Individual’ and discusses the shift in control this entails. Another theme is on ‘Self Starter and Individual Approaches’ (‘Embracing the Chaos’).

Anyway, go forth and read it for yourself!

Being a Learning Technologist

Having – and communicating – a clear idea of what a learning technologist does is important: for the academics who do, or might, work with us; for the project leads who might want to hire someone to ‘do elearning’ whatever that may mean; for those overseeing for professional development. It’s especially important and exciting now the role is being formally reviewed here at Cardiff. Continue reading “Being a Learning Technologist”