The Jisc Next Generation Digital Learning Environments Report

In the last academic year Jisc initiated a discussion on the next generation of Digital Learning Environments (I posted a response at the time). I have found the contributions to this discussion fascinating, and I was delighted to be invited to make a contribution to the report by Lawrie Phipps, Rob Allen and Dave Hartland, which was recently launched at Digifest 18. Continue reading “The Jisc Next Generation Digital Learning Environments Report”

Being a Learning Technologist

Having – and communicating – a clear idea of what a learning technologist does is important: for the academics who do, or might, work with us; for the project leads who might want to hire someone to ‘do elearning’ whatever that may mean; for those overseeing for professional development. It’s especially important and exciting now the role is being formally reviewed here at Cardiff. Continue reading “Being a Learning Technologist”