Reflections on the ELESIG Gwella Meeting

After the funding for the Gwella project finished last year, @chris_hall of Swansea and @djalewis of Glamorgan proposed that we form a group on ELESIG's Ning and apply for one of their small grants to fund a couple of meetings; the first of these was today. The format chosen was a hybrid: we met ... Continue Reading

Who Selects the VLE to Use?

A couple of days ago I questioned how a big institutional platform like the virtual learning environment (VLE) might be used to drive change. Implicit in this was the assumption that the VLE is an institutional tool, chosen collectively, in contrast to learners each selecting their own tools within ... Continue Reading

Blackboard CourseSites, the VLE and the Cloud

Yesterday Blackboard launched CourseSites, a web-service based on their Blackboard Learn platform where teachers can create their own courses and invite their students to enrol.  For anyone who works at an educational institution which has the latest version of Blackboard as its virtual learning env... Continue Reading